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Predicting the rest of the NFL Season

There was a thread for this sort of dealie but it's very disorganised and I can't get any real feedback.  So I thought I'd post it here.
This is how I believe the final standings will be for this NFL Season.  PS: Someone pointed out that New Orleans vs. Arizona was impossible.  If so, somebody correct me on that.

AFC Picks
  1. Indianapolis Colts (14-2, Losses: Patriots , @Texans )
  2. Cincinatti Bengals (13-3, Loss: @Minnesota)
  3. New England Patriots (13-3, Loss: @Saints )
  4. Denver Broncos (12-4, Losses: @Colts, @Eagles )
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4, Losses: Bengals, @Ravens )
  6. Houston Texans (11-5, Loss: Patriots)
  7. San Diego Chargers (9-7, Losses: Eagles, @Broncos, @Cowboys , Bengals)

NFC Picks
  1. New Orleans Saints (16-0)
  2. Minnesota Vikings (15-1)
  3. Dallas Cowboys (13-3, Loss: @Saints)
  4. Arizona Cardinals (11-5, Losses: Vikings, Packers )
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (12-4, Loss: @Cowboys)
  6. Atlanta Falcons (11-5, Losses: Eagles, Saints)
  7. Green Bay Packers (10-6, Losses: Cowboys, @Steelers)

AFC Championship:  Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinatti Bengals.  Bengals Win.
NFC Championship:   New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals.  Saints Win.

SUPER BOWL: New Orleans Saints vs. Cincinatti Bengals.  Saints Win.

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Rocking on the Rockies! (04-13-08)

Will The Real Jeff Francis Please Stand Up? (Cont.):
I am in shock and awe. When people said that "Ace" Jeff Francis was going to be the biggest liability to a repeat Rocktober because of his 4.00+ ERA over the last two years I laughed, harder than I ever had. It didn't bother me in the slightest because even though he had a higher ERA than most "Aces" we would win with him on the mound because he was generally solid even recording 17 wins last year.

I think Jeff went to the top of them Rockies and got abducted by aliens. Because that man on the mound, is not Jeff Francis.

3 starts... 3 losses (because let's not kid ourselves boys and girls, that Cardinals game, would've been a loss). I've seen some rough starts before, but for someone with so much skill this is unacceptable. Now, don't get me wrong, if he were pitching well and taking the losses, then you can blame that on the bats, but he's not. This is a man who in 34 starts last season, gave up 25 home runs. In the two starts that counted this year, he's already given up six, that just under a quarter that he gave up all last year. I know it's not really my place to judge from my computer chair while he's actually out there, but you're being paid the big money to keep the ball in the park!

Jeff Francis, the title of "Ace" has been revoked from you... your ERA is more than twice what it has been over the last two years, you've only managed one more strikeout than you have walks. I'm sorry buddy, but not even Canadian pride will get you my sympathy now. You suck this year buddy boy.

I'm not going to create a new blog "Soaring on the Sky Sox" just to follow you. You can go down, I'm not going with you.

The Real Todd Helton, Stay in his Damn Chair!:
Todd Helton has always been a great hitter. You want the proof, check his stats, has hasn't hit below .300 since '97. What Todd Helton doesn't usually do, is keep pace with the team's power hitters. Or at least he hasn't in a while... Maybe he's just realised that his 2000 NL batting trophy is all alone on his trophy shelf being excluded by the Gold Gloves.

Someone had to take the lead on the batting end because the most important piece of the pitching staff wasn't stepping up (ahem). Although early in the season, Helton is tied for the team lead in Home Runs and is second on the team for RBI (just behind golden boy Matt Holliday).

Todd, whatever you do, don't turn back into the you from the last two years. I will take the 30+ Home Runs and 100+ RBI, thank you very much.
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Rocking on the Rockies (04-10-08)

And so it continues... in the opposite direction as the Rockies finally begin to play the baseball every fan in the universe knows they can.  But if we're talking Colorado you know it's time to Rock on the Rockies!

The Only Thing Hot for "Hot"Lanta:
Is Tom Glavine...  Colorado has never swept Atlanta in a four game series.  Which is what makes the struggling Jeff Francis's start all that more important.  Matt Holliday wasn't going to stay quiet forever and ruined Glavine's perfect day with a two run bomb off of Blaine Boyer.  As much as I'm glad we were able to take game one I'm a little upset at the fact that it caused one of my heroes to have to sit through another no decision.  Sorry Tommy Boy, Rockies come first.

Apparently Matt Holliday has every Rockies blog bookmarked in his web browser.  Just hours after I'd read and posted that he needed to step up he crushed one to save game one against the Braves.  Then he made game two even better.  3-for-4 and 2 RBI was exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for when I tell a star player on a team I love to step it up.  Of course, as good at Matt was I'm going to give the MVP award for game two to Ubaldo Jimenez.  I know, I know... if it weren't for the lineup he would've gotten nothing out of this game at all except an L but seriously.  You've got to be Smart, Calm, and Strong-Willed to bounce back from the possibility of getting pulled in the first to make a name for yourself.  So good on him, and (with the exception of the rough starts) I hope he continues to pitch the way he is right now... easily the most underrated pitcher in our rotation he's got the right stuff.  I'm willing to bet he stole it from Jeff... that would explain a lot.

Game 3.  Or as I feel I should title it:  The Matt Holliday show continues.  Holliday puts up a triple on the worst possible day.  The day he's going to get overshadowed by Ryan Spilborghs, not that this is a bad thing.  We haven't seen much of the 29 year old Spilborghs recently although after that game I think we should tell Scott Podsednik and Brad Hawpe to find some nice comfy seats on the pine.  Now I'm going to admit I am a little bias, as much of a pro as he is, I don't like Brad Hawpe.  He's not a bad player but this year (and especially this year) when we have better outfielders on the bench I don't believe he should start.  No offense Ol' Bean...  this year is not your year.

Starting in Right Field for the Colorado Rockies (insert talented outfielder here):
From Brad Hawpe now is the perfect time to bring up this particular issue.  The Rockies are incredibly deep in the outfield and i've got a bit of a problem with it.  I love that we have a talented core of guys out there so that we can switch people around and give people rest as they need it but please, pick a starter for right field already.  Left field is covered because Matt Holliday carries this offense immensely and on the one day he might take off all year (barring injury) hopefully someone will step up.  Center Field is a bit tricky but Willy Taveras is solid... Rock Solid.

In the right side of the green we've got three very talented players all fighting for the spot.  Scott Podsednik, although he commonly starts in CF is in my opinion the best choice.  He's at minimum a .250 hitter but has shown that he can hit in the upper half of the .200's and even .300+.  He's a very solid fielder and an all around strong presence, especially on the basepaths where he scares the life out of any pitcher that lets him get on base, he has a vast expanse of knowledge which is great on a young team like this one and last but not least he's wearing a World Series ring.  Remember '05?  Chicago White Sox?  Yeah... that one.  The only problem with him is that his numbers can't match up to Hawpe's when it comes to power.  In my opinion he should be starting at CF and on days he's tired Tavares should rotate in.

Although I dislike Brad Hawpe this year because of everything I've said above about the (at least I believe) more talented Scott Podsednik.  It's not like he's new to the whole shebang.  A strong part of the NL Champion team from last year Hawpe has stats to back up his starting role.  Much like Podsednik he's a high .200's hitter.  He's fairly consistent on the long bomb front of things too averaging nearly 30 over the last two seasons.  He's not nearly the base stealing wizard that Scotty is but he makes up for the lack of speed with a very good power game.  116 RBI can't lie... he's a good hitter, especially in the clutch and backs up Matt Holliday when the going gets rough.

Last but not least I'll bring up Ryan Spilborghs, although he doesn't have the starting experience Hawpe has.  He has shown himself more than capable of carrying the load when necessary (2007: 11 HR, 51 RBI in 97 Games).  He's not a starter yet although his performance last night was nothing short of magical, he's only 29 and he will eventually get his big break.  Mark my words.

To me, keeping Podsednik on the pine is a waste of a valuable asset.  Taveras will never match him on the basepaths so I believe the starting outfield should be.  LF - Matt Holliday, CF - Scott Podsednik, RF - Brad Hawpe.

Will the real Jeff Francis please stand up (cont.):
Jeff Francis is the one who's going to take the hill as the Rockies try to sweep the Atlanta Braves in a four-game set for the first time in history.  I already ran Jeff ragged on tuesday so I'm not going to keep drilling him today.  But history is on your struggling ace shoulders Jeff...  No Pressure.

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Rocking on the Rockies (04-08-08)

Here we go, it's MLB season again.  The grass is crisp, the baselines are freshly powdered and all the baseball fans of the Mile-High City are all rearing and ready to go... that is after one simple request is answered.

Will the real Jeff Francis please stand up?:
Being a Canadian, I always feel bad ragging on Jeff Francis.  A great pitcher for the length of time he's played the noble game of baseball and an inspiration to every young ballplayer who's oozing with Canadiana, Jeff is going to be the next in what will hopefully be a very long line of talented Canadian ballplayers gracing Coors Field with his dominating presence.  Not that I blame Jeff completely when I cast him into that role, since following Larry Walker is a tough thing to do...  but Canadian pride aside, the Rockies are my boys and Francis is a part of my fantasy roster.  So I've got good reason to rag on him this year.

Jeff man, what are you doing buddy?  I realise that it isn't Rocktober and that now might be the best time to work out the kinks... but you're the ace now Jeff.  You can't be doing this.  You tanked the opener against St. Louis and god decided to take a break from his magical TV set that lets him watch every sporting event simultaneously to rain out your crappy start and give you a second chance.  No offense my man, but you didn't do much better that game against Arizona and you need to... those guys are going to be the biggest opposition to another Rocktober.  6.1 IP, 12 H, 5 ER...  Those are not your type of numbers my friend.  I have no problems with you only striking out three batters, as long as you're doing solid otherwise.  Oh, and 7.11, is a corner store chain, not your ERA...  I hope you solve this problem soon otherwise we aren't going anywhere.

.207 .192, I think you're missing a telephone digit there.:
It's early in the season and I know I really shouldn't touch this for at least another week or two, but here it goes.  Troy, Matt... FIX THIS PROBLEM.  You guys are easily our best and most consistant hitters, Troy... you're hitting okay, but you need to get back your near .300 pace from a year ago.  Matt, you're not so easily forgiven... I love that you've smacked two home runs in two games, that kind of pace is awesome and makes me want to give you a hug but you're a .300+ hitter man, please I'm begging both of you.  Deal with this.

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Last Chance! (Non-Power Top 25)

I'm preparing to produce my Top 25 Non-Power's list for next year.

This isn't an exit poll or a pre-season poll.  This is the pre-draft poll... Since the NBA draft is the deciding factor with some of these star oriented teams.

BUT!  I'm only human, I will admit.  So I'm giving anyone an opportunity to get behind their non-power team and tell me what is going to make them a team to beat next year.

Last Chance... who've I missed?

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Momentum Picks (Sweet Sixteen)

T-1: HogsRoll07 = 25 pts. [+7]
T-1: Beer = 25 pts. [+7]
3rd: Texans101 = 23 pts. [+2]
T-4: DantheMan = 22 pts. [+2]
T-4: UABALUM = 22 pts. [+10]
6th: CoachBib13 = 18 pts. [+0]
T-7: GonzagaFan = 17 pts. [+0]
: Loki's Advocate = 17 pts. [+2]
9th: McFly = 10 pts. [+0]
10th: Venom1971 = 5 pts. [+0] {No Reply}
T-11: HeelsofTar = 1 pt. [+0] {Not Returning}
T-11: SprawlNuts= 1 pt. [+0] {No Reply}

NOTE: Both Days Are Scored Together!



Texans101's Picks: , , , , , , ,
GonzagaFan's Picks: , , , , , , ,
Coach Bib13's Picks: ,, , , , , ,
UABALUM's Picks: , , , , , , ,
DanTheMan's Picks:  , , , , , , ,
L-Advocate's Picks: , , , , , , ,
HogsRoll's  Picks:
, , , , , , ,
Beer's Picks: X, , , , X, , ,
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Momentum Picks (Tournament - Round 2)

After Sunday, Rounds will be scored, not individual days.


1st: Texans101 = 20 pts. [+6]
2nd: DantheMan = 19 pts. [+1]
3rd: HogsRoll07 = 17 pts. [+1]

: Loki's Advocate = 15 pts. [+6]
T-5: CoachBib13 = 11 pts. [+0]
T-5: Beer = 11 pts. [+10]
T-7: McFly = 10 pts. [+1]
T-7: GonzagaFan = 10 pts. [+6]
T-9: Venom1971 = 5 pts. [+0] {No Reply}
T-9: UABALUM = 5 pts. [+1]
T-11: HeelsofTar = 1 pt. [+0] {Not Returning}
T-11: SprawlNuts= 1 pt. [+0] {No Reply}

Saturday (Picks Accepted Until Tip Off):



Saturday Picks (Hogs & Dan are Identical)
Texans101's Picks: , , , {4/8}
Coach Bib13's Picks: , , , , (5/8)
HogsRoll07's Picks: , , , {4/8}
DantheMan's Picks: , , , {4/8}
Gonzagafan's Picks:
, , , , {5/8}
Beer's Picks: , , , , {5/8}
UABALUM's Picks:
, , , , {5/8}

1st: Texans101 = 21 pts. [+1]
2nd: DantheMan = 20 pts. [+1]
T-3: HogsRoll07 = 18 pts. [+1]

T-3: CoachBib13 = 18 pts. [+7]
T-3: Beer = 18 pts. [+7]
6th: GonzagaFan = 17 pts. [+7]
: Loki's Advocate = 15 pts. [+0]
8th: UABALUM = 12 pts. [+7]

9th: McFly = 10 pts. [+0]
10th: Venom1971 = 5 pts. [+0] {No Reply}
T-11: HeelsofTar = 1 pt. [+0] {Not Returning}
T-11: SprawlNuts= 1 pt. [+0] {No Reply}

Sunday Picks (Dan & Loki are indentical)
Texans101's Picks:
, , , , {5/8}
HogsRoll07's Picks:
, , , , , , {6/8}
GonzagaFan's Picks: , , , {4/8}
UABALUM's Picks: , , , , , , {7/8}
Beer's Picks:
, , , , , {6/8}
DantheMan's Picks:
, , , , {5/8}
L-Adovocate's Picks: , , , , {5/8}

T-1: HogsRoll07 = 25 pts. [+7]
T-1: Beer = 25 pts. [+7]
3rd: Texans101 = 23 pts. [+2]
T-4: DantheMan = 22 pts. [+2]
T-4: UABALUM = 22 pts. [+10]
6th: CoachBib13 = 18 pts. [+0]
T-7: GonzagaFan = 17 pts. [+0]
: Loki's Advocate = 17 pts. [+2]
9th: McFly = 10 pts. [+0]
10th: Venom1971 = 5 pts. [+0] {No Reply}
T-11: HeelsofTar = 1 pt. [+0] {Not Returning}
T-11: SprawlNuts= 1 pt. [+0] {No Reply}

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NCAA Draft Challenge (Live Sun. Updates)

Note: The Idea for this competition is Dan's and Dan's alone... I'm just hosting the Draft results and scoring on my blog.

Draft Results & Draft Grades (Grouped together by Round and Person):

DolphinOllie, 18 pts.:
  1. - Memphis +1, +2, +3, +4, +5
  2. - Connecticut
  3. - Clemson
  4. - Miami +1
  5. - Kansas State +1
  6. - Texas A&M +1
  7. - South Alabama
  8. - Portland State
Draft Grade: D
Sweet Sixteen Grade: D

Why?: I know they're your boys but Memphis just doesn't have it... They've got an easy first round matchup but think about the rest of the bracket Miss St/Oregon, Michigan St and Pittsburgh capable of punching them out... and Texas & Stanford as the #2 & #3. Memphis is a risky pick, if they work out... all the power to you. UConn is unpredictable facing an underappreciated San Diego, and Clemson is called the loser against Villanova too much to recognize them as a #5 seed. Miami shouldn't have gotten a #7 and payed the price with a matchup against a fiery Gaels. Kansas State/USC is first round blockbuster but that's a hit or miss, Mayo or Beasley? A&M/BYU is another game that's two close to call with strong teams not to mention a wonderful matchup with UCLA right after. South Alabama COULD make it if they beat an Underseeded Butler. Portland State is the only #16 seed with a higher than .1% chance of winning their first round game. But that won't matter.
A+ Pick: Memphis
F- Pick: Miami

Coach Bib13, 24 pts.:
  1. - Kansas +1, +2, +3, +4, +5
  2. - Xavier +1, +2, +3
  3. - Notre Dame +1
  4. - BYU
  5. - Baylor
  6. - Siena +1
  7. - San Diego +1
  8. - Mississippi Valley State
Draft Grade: B-
Sweet Sixteen Grade: B-
Why?: Kansas is getting a lot less credit then they deserve... they did take out Texas to win the tourney after all. Xavier is a very strong team with a pretty good draw whether or whether not they run into Duke. UCLA & Baylor are the roadblocks in Xavier's path to the final four. Notre Dame is a sure sweet 16 team behind their conference player of the year. BYU is a hard one to call, two time Mountain West regular season champs... is it enough to kill A&M? Even if they do they won't have enough in the tank to win, they'll get crushed by UCLA. Siena may upset Vandy, but I doubt it. San Diego is a big upset pick over UConn. Bib13 needs UCLA to bow out in one of the first two rounds, if that happens he's almost guaranteed a Final Four Team since he owns a quarter of the bracket (Xavier, BYU, Baylor, San Diego, Mississippi Valley State).
A+ Pick: Baylor
F- Pick: Siena
HogsRoll07, 17 pts.:
  1. - North Carolina +1, +2, +3, +4
  2. - Southern California
  3. - Vanderbilt
  4. - Davidson +1, +2, +3
  5. - Oklahoma +1
  6. - George Mason
  7. - Georgia
  8. - Austin Peay
Draft Grade: C-
Sweet Sixteen Grade: C-
Why?: Don't look too much into this Hogs... the only reason your not the D or the F is your top two picks. USC might be the strongest team in their bracket and you have the #1 overall seed. Vanderbilt is an expert bracketbuster loss against Siena, I doubt it'll happen but I still question Vanderbilt's staying power. Davidson is picked over Gonzaga but who knows if they've got the strength to keep going (although EA has them going elite 8 if that's worth anything). Oklahoma got the crapiest draw ever against an on-fire St. Joe's but a win might give them a free ride for a game or two. George Mason needs to pull another George Mason but Notre Dame is going to be ugly, a win over Notre Dame might start another legendary tournament for the patriots though. Georgia and Austin Peay are trash and it sucks you have both... as they're both doomed.
A+ Pick: Southern California
F- Pick: Georgia
GrimReefer66, 14 pts.:
  1. - Texas +1, +2, +3
  2. - Duke +1
  3. - Michigan State +1, +2
  4. - Western Kentucky +1, +2
  5. - Mississippi State +1
  6. - Kent State
  7. - Winthrop
  8. - Mount Saint Mary's
Draft Grade: C+
Sweet Sixteen Grade: A-
Why?: Here we go, middle of the pack. First Problem... you had the fourth pick, there is no way in hell you shouldn't have a #1. Judging by the way in went you probably could've gotten away with having the #1 and #2 from the same bracket (UCLA & Duke). Michigan State's a guaranteed one win team matching up with Temple, Mississippi State will probably beat Oregon for the right to bow out to Memphis. Western Kentucky has a tough match with Drake coming up but the winner of that game is most likely making the sweet sixteen. Kent State is worth one point at most before getting rocked by Kansas, but if they get past the Jayhawks there's longevity there. Winthrop always has a trick up their sleeves... ALWAYS! Taking the Play-In Team wasn't the best call but it could be worse, at least they've got momentum. Not bad picks, but your whole fate comes down to hit or miss... you're either going to ace or fail (mostly on Duke's shoulders).
A+ Pick: Texas
F- Pick: Western Kentucky

CMBS_Finest, 16 pts.:
  1. - UCLA +1, +2, +3, +4
  2. - Wisconsin +1, +2
  3. - Purdue +1
  4. - Butler +1
  5. - Oregon
  6. - UNLV +1
  7. - Cal State Fullerton
  8. - Belmont
Draft Grade: A+
Sweet Sixteen Grade: B+
Why?: CMBS picked this perfectly, and made a lot of strong moves. UCLA has the easiest path to the Final Four so props on picking them up 5th overall (braincramp Reefer?). Wisconsin aught to be a #2 after what they accomplished this year so kudos on that pick too. Purdue has a very strong squad, although a bad draw (Baylor) because of the loss in the conference tourney. Butler is picked by a lot of analysts as sweet sixteen over Tennessee. Oregon's a wild card. UNLV has an interesting draw vs Kent State. CS-Fullerton is an insurance pick for Wisconsin. And Belmont is the most likely #15 seed to upset. Great Draw!
A+ Pick: UCLA
F- Pick: Oregon
LouCards, 15 pts.:
  1. - Georgetown +1
  2. - Louisville +1, +2, +3
  3. - Washington State +1, +2
  4. - Marquette +1
  5. - Villanova +1, +2
  6. - Arkansas +1
  7. - Oral Roberts
  8. - UMBC
Draft Grade: A-
Sweet Sixteen Grade: A+
Why?: Uh... Nice! Even without a #1 seed Lou did just about everything right. Taking a strong #2 seed, even insuring that #2 seed to guarantee he gets the 1 point all the people with one seeds will get. Louisville is a common final four pick, although Washington State is possibly in trouble playing Winthrop in the first round (Winthrop: 13% upset percentage) and are practically doomed playing Notre Dame, State is at least good for another point. Marquette is an underrated and strong team, Villanova is a upset team, as is Arkansas & Oral Roberts. UMBC is a trash pick but was used well to insure his #1. Not entirely sure of the quality of teams outside of his top 2 making any sort of run.
A+ Pick: Louisville
F- Pick: Washington State
DanTheMan, 7 pts.:
  1. - Tennessee +1, +2
  2. - Pittsburgh +1
  3. - Arizona
  4. - Kentucky
  5. - Saint Joseph's
  6. - West Virginia +1, +2
  7. - Boise State
  8. - Cornell
Draft Grade: B+
Sweet Sixteen Grade: C+

Why?: Congrats Dan, making up for a lack of a #2 & #3 seed with the strongest #4 and a lack of any #15 or #16's. You made a strong play early by picking Tennessee, thought by most to have been robbed of a #1 seed. Pittsburgh is being called a dark horse and is in a few final fours (Victory Odds: 97% [1st round], 75% [2nd round], 27% [Sweet 16], 11% [Elite Eight]). Arizona and West Virginia are both hard to call but the two picks insure each other and both are often chosen over Duke in the second round. Saint Joe's got a nice draw against Oklahoma, Boise and Cornell are possible (slim, but possible) upsets as #14's. The only pick I'm not sure about is Kentucky, will a good SEC schedule be enough to stand up to Marquette.
A+ Pick: Pittsburgh
F- Pick: Kentucky
GonzagaFan, 3 pts.:
  1. - Gonzaga
  2. - Stanford +1, +2
  3. - Indiana
  4. - Drake
  5. - Temple
  6. - Saint Mary's
  7. - Texas-Arlington
  8. - American
Draft Grade: F
Sweet Sixteen Grade: F

Why?: I'm sorry GZ, but you really didn't pick this one wisely at all. I'm not penalizing you for taking Gonzaga in the first round, you had the swing pick so it didn't matter but you still made a lot of mistakes. UT-Arlington and American with your last two picks being a huge one, #14 Cornell and the #15 most likely to upset (being Belmont) were both still available and yet, with the ability to avoid having a #16 you still managed to get one. Drake and St. Mary's are good picks, Gonzaga is being picked as upset by 57% of brackets on Stanford is a strong pick but you should've taken Cornell as an insurance pick, and also it left you without a #1 or a #2 (although the only #2 left was Duke who're unreliable). I don't trust Temple playing Michigan State and Indiana's been lacking in potential since the coaching scandal.
A+ Pick: Drake
F- Pick: UT-Arlington
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